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Apple could refresh its iPhone SE in 2022, but the 2023 model would be much more enjoyable.

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According to a screen expert, who had already seen the lack of 120 Hz compatibility for the iPhone 12, Apple would prepare an iPhone SE for next year, without much change, and a redesigned model the following year.

According to Ross Young, an analyst specializing in screen production chains, Apple is preparing the arrival of a new iPhone SE for next year. 

The 2022 model of the entry-level smartphone would take the design of the iPhone 8 and thus offer a 4.7-inch LCD (and still not OLED) screen. 

Dreams of seeing an iPhone SE Plus with a giant slab will have to be put aside at least until 2022. At least that’s what Ming-Chi Kuo, another knowledgeable analyst, recently suggested.

2022 would, therefore, not see a significant upheaval in the appearance of the most affordable iPhone. But, according to Ross Young, the year 2023 would be much richer in change.

So Apple is reportedly working on a 6.1-inch version of the iPhone SE (and not 5.5-inch, as some rumor’s have suggested), with a punch in the slab rather than a notch.

As a reminder, some rumor’s want the “high-end” iPhone 2022 to adopt the punch in their slab. Seeing them arrive on the iPhone SE a year later would not, therefore, be unreasonable. Apple, in this case, is following in the footsteps of many manufacturers of Android terminals.

Anyway, still according to Ross Young, if the iPhone SE 2022 could only undergo a few minor design changes, it could, on the other hand, be 5G, being limited to frequencies below 6 GHz. He would still abandon the so-called millimeter waves.

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